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Chakaura™ Institute teaches you how to master your Subtle Energies all the way up to your Chakaura™ Power; the energy life force of your Soul.

 Chakaura offers:

  • Clinical Services
  • Consultations, and Therapy
  • Stress management programs
  • Energy Management programs
  • Workplace Stress management programs
  • Healing support Programs
  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Support and programs
  • Private Clinic Support and Stays for longterm care
  • Self-Development Programs
  • Youth Stress management programs
  • Entrepreneur, CEO and Business Health in the Workplace Programs
  • And more





Michèle through the Chakaura™ Services offers a whole library of

NEW knowledge based on a Higher Science of human functioning for

Self-Care, Self-Development and

Self-Healing to create the


From The Soul – Through the Mind – Into the Body!

Chakaura™ Offers various 

Seminars, Workshops, Courses on:

Self-development, Energy management,

Relationships, Self-Care, Etc.

 WE will come to you with our Travelling. Certain conditions apply.

Please Contact us for more information. 

Master Doctorate Training in Advanced Personal Self-Development in Subtle Energy Mastery.

Pre-requisites nd application required. Contact us at: [email protected] for more infromation.

Interested in becoming

an accredited

Chakaura™ Practitioner?

Our Chakaura ™  Professional Training

programs is a minimum 2-year

commitment with 550 hours IN-House

training curriculum.

We are accepting application now for the next training

Series beginning in June 2024.


Your Chakaura Power  is Your Soul’s Life Giving Energy – Once in the body it is the energy that does everything from Inpowering you, creating you , healing you to making you wiser..

Chakaura Power is THE agent of Transmutation

Master these Energies to Master Life!

Yes, it is that easy!

Chakaura™ Institute of S.O.U.L. founded and directed by Michèle C. St.Amour Introduces a new source of Power to tap into beyond what most are aware of today! This is the Energy of the Holy Grail; Your Chakaura Power!

With this power,  you can  into a whole new level of understanding and self mastery no matter what you do or in what context you apply this to in your life.  

The Knowledge conveyed is supported by the latest research in Neuroscience, Neurocardiology, Epigenetics and more.


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