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Chakaura™ SEE Project; Tortuga Rescue, Yucatan Mexico – Part 1 of 2

Journey with Gilles and Michèle St.Amour, on one of their many Sea Turtle Rescues, releases and educational seminars which are all part fo their Chakaura™ SEE (Sustainable EcoWellness Educational) projects Initiatives. This is Part 1 (rescue) of 2 ( release) of many humanitarian adventures helping us become better people and living in balance with our Mother Earth.

Michele is a trained Aboriginal medicine woman trained in North American and Mayan traditions. She is also founder and director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul; the only one of its kind in the world…Come and learn why!!


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Chakaura™ SEE (Sustainable Eco-Wellness Education) Project

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The Chakaura SEE Project MEXICO partners with various Ecological initiatives programs in the Yucatan and other parts of Mexico in the education and preservation of sustainable living daily practices to enhance the health and balance of the Earth.

Our goal is to support sustainable practices such as our TORTUGA project, as we tackle the many source of the ecological imbalances throughout the world through education, raising awareness of the connection between our way of thinking and the effect it has on our surroundings and helping the world see SOUL in all of LIFE forms…

Take action in actively participating in conscious raising activities, as experiential education is the key to changing your lifestyles and patterns of behaviour.


Become a short or long term volunteer at our

Chakaura™ Yucatan Centre

Actively volunteer to participate in one of many of our projects. We always need those extra hands! Fro scrubbing turtle tanks to helping with the nesting grounds to releasing baby turtles, feeding baby flamingos or participating in the many research projects we are part of.

 You will receive an official certificate stating your volunteer status which gives you special admittance to many of our secure locations; proceeds goes to supporting these projects.



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Chakaura™ LIFE for LIFE™ Ocean Jewelry

Our beautiful one of a kind ocean jewelry and novelty pieces. Each item is hand crafted and numbered with a short story of how it came to be and the pieces unique energy. 


Chakaura™ prides itself on being part of projects that help  raise awareness of the needs of those less fortunate. We operate various fund raising activities that partial proceeds go to chosen non-profit organizations that share our mission in life.

Shown below is Michèle at the Turtle Rehabilitation centre in Progreso Mexico. 


Michèle is pictured above with a student from the local high school near Progreso. Michèle with the Chakaura™ team were invited as special guests to the students presentation day of projects they created surrounding new inventions and ideas to bring sustainable living practices t0 their community and the world.  

More Pictures from our Progreso School Visit

Above , Michèle (Chakaura™ Founder & director) with head CETMAR Biologist & teacher, Juan Lara Rodríguez (Technical Manager of the Tortuguero Camp CETMAR)

Above , Michèle (Chakaura™ Founder &  director) visiting the school Tortuguero Camp CETMAR) rehabilitation centre . Also shown to her right, Gilles St.Amour 

Above , Dr.Lise Beaubien, a Chakaura™ Practitioner and teacher with Lyne Roy, Also a Chakaura™ Practitioner and our Head office manager enjoying one of the many sustainable fuel and living ecological projects created by groups of students in the progreso High school.

Above , Michèle (Chakaura™ Founder & Director) test tasting one of the many student projects of the day fair surrounding ecological ways the students could introduce to society for a cleaner and sustainable future.


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