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WE support you with up-to-date information on the how-to travel in these times.

We help you maneuver the challenges and create a joyful and stressless Getaway. 

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This is a family of entrepreneurs coming together to support these challenging times with each their unique gifts.

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Sasha Love

I am Free Travel 

Coaching & Mentoring

Chakaura™ Practitioner

Horse Whisperer, 

Michèle C. St-Amour

I amFree Travel

Living In Mexico Consultant

Chakaura™ Institute Founder & Director

Chakaura™ Naturopathic Practitioner,

Self-Inpowering Teacher, Author, Speaker

Gilles St-Amour

I am Free Travel

Living In Mexico Consultant

Chakaura™ Personal Trainer,

Nutritionist & Natural Lifestyle Coach

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Travel Information with Sasha Love

I am FreeTRAVEL.com supports your  travel needs in partnership with Chakaura™ See Project Initiatives specializes in short & long-term Living in Mexico,   including offering private and group ECO-Wellness Getaways, Naturopathic Health Clinic services tailored to your personal needs.

Want to rent a Casa on the beautiful white sands of the gulf?

We have it!

Buy real estate, relocate, or simply spend a few months?

We can Help!

We guide you on how to Travel in these conflicting times

Need Support travelling?

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Our team can help you source the right way to travel for you, equipment, documents, and anything else you need to travel in ease and safety but more importantly while claiming your rights as a free sovereign human being with  given innate rights.

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