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Let us introduce you to the first step of experiencing an unlimited source of energy and what you can accomplish with this energy

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100% Success Rate for everyone completing the program and incorporating the techniques into their daily lives


LIVE BTG – 35 day Training

For those that wish a LIVE experience. The advantage of a LIVE course is your questions can be answered and your experiences can be shared.

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  • Weekly Live zoom training 30 minutes 
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  • *Basic Email support  Available
  • *Facilitator Support during class and available outside of class facilitator personalized support at an extra cost 
  • 40 minutes a week Live Zoom facilitated Course with Michele

Email us at: chakaura@protonmail.com

Subject: LIVE BTG Registration

Please include your full name, a phone number we may contact you at and your email address.

People Share Their Experience…

There has been so much shifting happening in my personal life as well as my inner world lately since I met Michèle and embarked on her programs.

This was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track and my ego in check. I feel more confident, self aware and ready to impact others in a more profound and positive way.

Bless you, Michèle and her awesome team! “

Karen West,

Edmonton Alberta Canada

BTG Spring 2020

Inquiries or registrations can be done at: chakaura@protonmail.com

Please fill in subject line: BTG Inquiry/registration


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