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Thank you Jenny for connecting me with Michèle. There has been so much shifting happening in my personal life as well as my inner world lately.

This was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track and my ego in check. I feel more confident, self aware and ready to impact others in a more profound and positive way.

Bless you, Michèle and her awesome team! “

Karen West,

Edmonton Alberta Canada

BTG Spring 2020

Bridge The Gap® Facilitated Mentoring a


We also offer one-on-one faciliated mentoring for this program where a trained Chakaura™ facilitator will guide and support your online training with Michèle of her pre-recorded video conferencing teaching the tools and knowledge in this program. Please inquire for details. The advantage of this program is you can begin any time you wish and have personnalized support. It also allows a flexibilty of scheduling.


A 3-Phase/ 6 sessions per, Weekly Program  facilitated ONLINE Live which includes:

*Basic Email support       

*Monthly ONLINE LIVE Talks with Experts in the various fields of energy management taught at Chakaura™,

*On-going Facilitator support 

*Instructional articles and videos …

*Subscription to our newsletter 


Group Format

Online Live Facilitated 

Facilitated Personnalized Mentoring


Our Chakaura™ Team of experts are here to support you in achieving your goals!

We are the World Experts in Energy management for,

Chakaura™ is the missing link


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