Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL (System of Universal Love)

Chakaura™ Institute of Soul is the only school in the world that structures our courses and programs on the Chakaura™ Cosmic Energy, its protocols and techniques based on solid scientific laws. No hocus locus!! 

WE are the only school that understand the difference between telluric and cosmic energies and what are their applications.

The Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers a structured, grounded approach to health, healing and self-development for a new era!

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Master your subtle energies in order to create the life you desire!   

 Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL  is a unique school and therapeutic clinic. We offer an innovative approach to health and happiness that encompasses all that you are; physical, mental and emotional and spiritual. 

 Chakaura™  welcomes you to discover how your inner world of your thoughts,  your dreams, your emotions, your empathy, your intuition, your ideas about things, your ideas based on your past experiences and your belief systems have a direct influence on your daily life experiences and your health.






 What makes Chakaura™unique?

Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers the most empowering Self-development programs and the only Chakaura™ Cosmic energy school in the world with an accredited doctorate Inititiate level program in subtle energy mastery, healing and the transformational process. 

 We Introduce the concept and dimension of the Chakaura™; a living subtle energy organism.

Your Chakaura™ is the missing link…  

It is the key component that connects your physical body and your vital life force, your creative energy together, that is sourced from your Soul dimension.  



The energies of your Chakaura™ subtle  fields is where all the good stuff is: the energy to manifest Perfect Health, consistency with happiness, where you will find the source of the creative energy of your muse.

Chakaura™ defined Here!

Our Clinical Services


Our Courses 

Chakaura™ Courses

The Chakaura is the energy that you INPOWER yourself with; it is the energy that everyone can tap into to heal any ailment or problem afflicting them. The better you master the Chakaura™ protocols which are tools structured on the laws of physics that govern  your energy,  the more you are able to materialize and manifest and be in health.

As you begin to work with your Chakaura™ energetic body, you will begin to understand better how you are responsible for creating mostly all your life experiences and even those you think may be ‘accidental’.   

There are no accidents in life; somewhere on some level you draw things to you through the Law of Attraction, Law of Manifestation and the hence Principles of Cause & Effect.

Chakaura™ teaches you all about this and offers you tools to better manage all the different energies in your life in a more conscious way!


CHAKAURA™ is changing lives


Examples of areas Chakaura™ Therapies and Courses can help you with: 


TOOLS.  Learn about the Chakaura™ tools and protocols to master and manage your thought, your emotions, your Empathy, your Intuition, and how to bring your energy levels up or down depending on your needs. 

BEHAVIOR PATTERNS Learn how to recognize how the energy in your body and its frequency level is the key to health & happiness. The vitality (frequency level) of your energy system determines your physical, emotional, mental programming and spiritual health. It determines how much energy you will have access to in any given day. It resonates with your thinking habits which create how you feel about things in life. 

 Negative tendencies like complaining and unhappiness eat-up your energy reserves while happy thoughts and a positive outlook feed you energy. Let us help you understand how to reshape your behaviour into more positive ways.

LIFESTYLE  We help you recognize which lifestyle patterns no longer serve you (bring your energy down/ drains you) & how to shift these to a more positive empowering way to better serve your health and goals in life. It all begins with learning about how to better manage your daily energy usage. 

NUTRITION/ EXERCISE Then comes nutritional choices and daily activities. let us guide you to a better lifestyle suited to your daily needs. Learn about the food that give you energy and the ones that actually feed off your energy leaving you tired and sluggish. You are what you eat!!

NEProgram – Doctorate Level Training in mastering subtle energy, natural healing, transformation, autonomy and restructuring the Energy system Program; accredited by NAN in Canada

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