Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL (System of Universal Love)

Chakaura™ Institute offers a variety of ways you can improve and embrace a healthier lifestyle and understand the importance of mastering your energies for health, success, happiness and connecting Mind and Heart so your life becomes a positive inspiring experience!

The Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers a structured, grounded approach to 

Self-Development and health for a new era! No Hocus Pocus!

 Natural Health Therapeutic Clinic  

Wellness Educational Centre  

Master your subtle energies in order to create the life you desire!   

 Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL  is a unique school and therapeutic clinic.

We offer an innovative approach to health and happiness that encompasses all that you are; physical, mental and emotional and spiritual. 

 Chakaura™ brings together traditional medical science with the understanding of vibrational/energy healing. Knowledge conveyed is supported by the latest research in Neuroscience, Neurocardiology, Epigenetics and more. Chakaura™ teaches people of all walks of life to realize the importance of integrating both physical and energetic forms of understanding into their daily life experiences.

Chakaura™ is grounded on an ancient paradigm that is now revolutionizing the future of medicine and health. Chakaura™ offers you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and integrate this research-backed science into your daily life.

Chakaura™  welcomes you to discover how your inner world of your thoughts,  your dreams, your emotions, your empathy, your intuition, your ideas about things, your ideas based on your past experiences and your belief systems have a direct influence on your daily life experiences and your health. 


 What makes Chakaura™unique?

Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers some of the most empowering Self-development programs  in the world with an accredited (NAN QC) doctorate Initiate level program in subtle energy mastery, natural healing and the transformational process. 

 We Introduce the concept and dimension of the Chakaura™; a living subtle energy organism.

Your Chakaura™ is the missing link…   we bridge the gap between a cosmic source of energy versus a telluric source of Life. 




The energies of your Chakaura™ subtle  fields is where all the good stuff is: the energy to manifest Perfect Health, consistency with happiness, where you will find the source of the creative energy of your muse.

How may we support you?  Please contact us at and let us know what you wish our support with.


” My experience is wonderful, it’s always nice to be around like minded souls.  Thanks”


Lucie Lalonde

What did you like most about this Chakaura™ workshop?

Pat Blake had to say!  “Practical, easy techniques.”

Cheryl Parker had to say!  Learning the science behind it all and the techniques.”

Katherine Ellis had to say!  ”Explaining the energy field/bringing in the energy.”