Chakaura™ STEP-UP Program

“Shift Your Focus; Shift Your Life!” – Michèle

A New Era Demands New Tools, New Knowledge,

Transformative Training, & Healthier Energetic Practices

The Chakaura™ STEP -UP Program will teach you how to tap into your Chakaura™ Power, manage that power  to increase, maintain and better manage your daily energies.


“Chakaura™ Power is in everything that has life force!” as Michèle says, and managing your Chakaura™ Energy is the key to Health, Happiness & Success!

No pressure, No stress, Simply be…in the ENERGY…WITH ME.”

 I don’t know about you but I just want a winter that is uplifting, supporting, energizing and fun while learning at my pace, no deadlines per say, no stress…join me and the team for a winter we guarantee you will thank yourself for being a part of…”


 Every second week ….for 90 minutes

Dare to reach your highest potential! 

And be the best you can be even in your most challenging experiences.

BEGINS In OCTOBER of each year.

Email us for more Information or to Register at:


Michèle and the Chakaura team will help you maneuver your life experiences with a smile and with a deeper understanding of what is really going on, all whilst discovering your role and how to maintain your integrity, freedoms and create your own FREEZONE so life remains a pleasure, a joy and continued growth experience.  

  • Looking for a  deeper level of understanding of your life, what is going on in and around you?
  • Looking how to maneuver and manage these times with your Chakaura™ tools?
  • Want more tools or to understand how your tools can support you better, While having fun?
  • Want to learn how to not be so affected by the happenings around you?
  • Want to learn how to use your Chakaura tools to feel protected and maintain your high energy in times of stress and challenges?
  • Gain a higher awareness as you make amazing discoveries you never thought possible.   


RESULTS from Taking this Program

  • Your energy levels will be maintained, begin to rise and the quality of your work and your life will increase accordingly. 
  • You will feel less side effects from stress and learn tools how to maintain and maximize your energy throughout the day.  
  • This program is about teaching you what goes on energetically behind the scenes and how to use this knowledge in better managing your energy and the energies around you.
  • This program helps you apply the Chakaura protocols in the real time life experiences. 



STEP UP Program Format & Bonus’ 


Some things to experience 

  • Weekly inspirational videos and postcards
  • Begins in October and ends in April
  • Monthly 90 minutes+ hour ONLINE LIVE ZOOM 
  • Suggested inspiring readings and videos
  • Q & A opportunities
  • Private chat group
  • Students prices on services and consultations



 Chakaura™ ‘Step Up’


ENERGY Management 

Our response to the present global shifts for those wishing to continue their journey of personal In-Powerment


 Great for anyone wishing to better manage the energies and have us support them in & around situations and themselves!  

Learn the various types of energies and their purpose.

Learn about the Chakaura™ safety protocols of interactive energy exchange based on the science of life.  

The Chakaura™ protocols guarantee safe, grounded and non binding interactions with places and people. Psychological & energetic bindings are the source of much of our societies suffering. and keep trauma stuck in your body and mind. 

Learn how to master these energies to achieve your personal goals and meet your daily energy needs.


Assignment – 30 minutes a day approx. of relaxing techniques and uplifting educational articles

Chakaura ™ Team – Michèle, principal Teacher and the Chakaura ™ ‘s Instructors Team


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