Chakaura  Clinic Services

Chakaura Clinic offers the following:

* Health Naturopathic Consultation
* SOULHEALTH Consultation with Michèle 40-60 mins
*Chakaura™ Polarity Therapy
*Chakaura™ Structural-Balancing
*Chakaura™ Harmonization
* Specialized Treatment/consult with Michèle

*AromaCrystal™ Therapy Body Massage
*Foot & Hand Massage
* Back Scrub with Back Massage
* Nutritional & Lifestyle Assessment & Consultation
* Exercise Routine for your lifestyle & Chakaura™ health needs
*Chakaura™Energy Scan  to determine what your needs in therapies, supplements, nutrition, essential oils, etc., may be.          


 Chakaura™ gave me hope that I could get well & that there is more to healing then I could ever imagine! Thanks to the Chakaura™ team for being so encouraging, supportive & heartful!

Suzie ( Chakaura client, 2014)

 The Chakaura™ Structural Balancing has empowered me in ways I could never describe in a few words. It is experiential and if a person wishes to embrace true change in their life, this is the first step. Old issues I have been carrying for years dissolved as if they never existed; old traumas surfaced and finally healed. So many wonderful gifts have been given to me from this treatment. I can only say everyone needs to experience this at least once in their life!”

Denis ( client, 2015)

 I was skeptical since the world of energy is not familiar to me but the Chakaura™ team offers such a grounded approach that I was very comfortable with trying something so new. The results have astounded me and I am now a believer in the power of healing with Chakaura™ therapies!” Linda (client 2016)