About Michèle C. St.Amour ~ Teacher of Teachers, Healer of Healers

Founder & Director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul, Author, Speaker, Educator, Initiator

As above, so below; as below, so above.”

Some people have said to me,

I don’t believe in that mumbo jumbo energy stuff that is so popular now a days that you do!”

I tell them,

That’s fine since I am the worse sceptic there is when it comes to this stuff too, so we will get along just fine. As long as you are open to experiencing or learning something new with an open mind, I will help you.  I prefer this attitude since  you have no expectations of me! This makes what I do so much easier in the end!


A video testimonial June 2018 from the Chakaura™ NEProgram from  Students ranging from year 1 to 3. Michèle’s support team also share their journey with Michèle and what she is like. A heartfelt sharing of their experiences with this unique empowering woman.


Michèle’s unique proprietary programs awake within you what she calls “The Muse,”; this inner creative force inside of each of us that allows us to release our ideas and habits  that block us from embracing the goods things in life or in finding direction or fulfillment.



 Founder , Director of Chakaura™ Institute of Soul, Author, Program Coordinator & Teacher, International Self-Development & “IN-POWERING’ Speaker, accredited Naturopathic energy Practitioner


Michèle’s teachings are practical and grounded in structured concepts on the power of transformation, on the energies at play in our lives and the reality of our subtle senses. She teaches concepts and truths built upon a balanced logical and intuitive approach. A CONCEPTUAL STRUCTURE few people have had the opportunity to discover. 

 Michèle’s unique exclusive Chakaura™ programs awakens in you what she calls “the Muse,” this inner creative force within each of us that allows us to release by its inate energy what prevents us from knowing and manifesting our life goal. This supports the unveiling of our full potential and creativity.

 Michèle  travels internationally to share her unusual knowledge, her professional abilities and her accrued wisdom with those guided to her for mentorship and treatment.   

SERVICES  She offers consultations and her unique naturopathic energy services at the Chakaura Clinic as well through the Chakaura™ traveling clinic in the cities she is asked to visit and teach in. She recently launched a new clinic in the Yucatan Mexico where she and her spouse offer unique weeklong experiences to those wishing to make the step into sustainable transformational living. Details : 

She truly believes that the only true way to be healthy and happy is to know how to access the allopathic and the homeopathic health systems as One whole system. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of each healing system and to be educated in their ways. Her accredited professional NEProgram puts emphasis on the need for harmony and availability of both healthcare systems.



Michèle’s STORY

Those who know her say, “She has knowledge and a deep understanding of what life truly is and how to manifest the Philosopher’s stone in everyday life. 


Born & raised in Eastern Canada, Michèle was born with very developed subtle senses. She has the ability to see the of the nunerous types energies at play in our lives as well as their influence in our daily experiences.

In the early thirties, a dark soul forced her to accept her unique way of understanding life. She consciously began to linger in the depths of her inner world. She soon discovered that it is this inner world that shapes and creates most of our life experiences. Through meetings with great masters, countless challenges, in-depth studies, and intense experiences of an energetic nature, Michèle has become a channel, receiving unusual information of the higher dimensions of what we let us call, the sacred; where the soul plunges.

In all this,  she was taught and then developed techniques to initiate people who were ready, at these higher frequencies; to offer blessings some call “grace” so that they can also reach these higher worlds, as Rudolph Steiner calls them. Michèle teaches you to materialize this understanding in your physical world. His teachings are practical and rooted in structured concepts constructed according to a balanced logical and intuitive approach. A conceptual structure that few people have had the opportunity to discover.

Through her personal achievements, she has developed techniques to introduce people to some rare cosmic frequencies that help liberate us from our imposed ideas. Michèle teaches you how to materialize this understanding in your physical world. Her teachings are practical, grounded, scientifically based and rooted in structured concepts structured according to a balanced logical and intuitive approach. A conceptual structure that few people have had the opportunity to discover. 



Her Book

For a more in-depth vision of Michèle, her unique gifts and her personal story, we encourage you to read her latest novel, CHAKAURA:AWAKENING THE MUSE which paralells her personal journey. also below is an article written about her by her editor sharing her own personal experience of working and getting to know Michèle intimately during the intense and personal journey of editing of her book.

An article written about Michèle & Chakaura™ by Patricia Waldygo

P.N. Waldygo, Professional Book Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader, and Writer