“I Dare You To Change!” ~ Michèle

Questions I would like you to ask yourself are:

  •  How much have you changed in the past 12 months?
  •  How much have you changed in the past 5 years (60 months)?
  •  What new challenges are you taking on?
  •  What new books have you read that have completely changed your paradigm?
  •  What new relationships and experiences have opened you to new worlds of possibilities?
  •  What suppressed pain and trauma have you freed yourself from?
  •  What bad habits have you finally given up?
  •  What relationships have you healed or let go of?
  •  What addictions are still stopping you from living your dreams?
  • What roles or “personality” are you still clinging to?

The above examples are but a few areas I support people in to change.

 I teach you how to ‘let go’ and how to move forward in a painless and smooth way by learning about your Chakaura™ body and its role in your life.

 The Chakaura™ path I teach is the path of recognizing when suffering is unnecessary to learn your lessons of life…we humans are ingrained with the notion that we must suffer to gain, or learn and it is not always so…

 Suffering is a human condition, man made that can be changed if you dare!

  Pain is a reality of life but suffering is man created…let me help you see and understand the difference so you may embrace change gracefully and without the heartaches and suffering of past.


It is a known fact that if a person is not engaged in real change then they are not growing or being intelligent says Albert Einstein.

What most people do not realise is that as humans we thrive in times and moments of change and personal expansion. It is very unhealthy to stagnate or in other words try to keep things as they are.

Avoiding change is a clear sign of a person misunderstanding the human condition and their own nature.

Things people sometimes refuse to recognize are suppressed emotions and traumas that lead people to unhealthy and addictive cycles. Everyone has some dark secret or past experience they have buried dealing with their childhood and /or their parents. In order to be happy in adult life, you must heal these past scars, memories and traumas to move forward.


This is What I do! 

“Through My Chakaura™ Mastery programs and mentoring, I guarantee you will change in ways you could never imagine. It must be lived to be believed. To this day, I am still utterly amazed and surprised at how efficient are these Chakaura™ teachings I share and how effective my Chakaura™ programs can be if you, as a person, really wishes to embrace change in your life!”  ~Michèle


Does your body control you, or do you control your body? For most people, the body is completely in control.

  • How often do you impulsively check your smart-phone?
  • How often do you impulsively eat or put other substances in your body that are unhealthy?
  • How is your ability to focus for long periods of time?
  • How in-tune are you with your own intuition?
  • How much time do you spend thinking about your physical appearance?
  • How much time do you spend worrying about the opinions of others?
  • Do you eat for taste or health first?
  • Are you suffering from health issues?

If you don’t control Chakaura™ body, then you can’t control your mind.

If you don’t control your body, then you can’t control your time.

If you don’t control your body, then you’re life is far more impulsive and out-of-control than you realize.


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