What Follows Our Chakaura™ Bridging the Gap® Program

*Bilingual Program, please inquire


Chakaura  “A Journey of Self-Discovery”

Michèle’s ‘Chakaura Advanced Energy Management Program


Step up and take the next step in Mastering the Subtle Chakaura™ Energies in Your Life!   

*Bilingual Program, please inquire


Pre-requisite : Bridging the Gap® Introduction to Chakaura™ Energies   For more information please contact us.


 Michèle has been teaching this program since the year 2000. She is the only Teacher in the world trained to teach this. 

 This will change your life for the better. We guarantee it!

What Michèle shares about this life changing course series.

I created “A Journey of Self-Discovery” which is inherently a Self Development Program at the demand from my many students wanting to begin benefiting from the many amazing self empowering CHAKAURA™ CONCEPTUAL STRUCTURES and techniques I introduce in the intensive Initiate training programs of Chakaura™ Initiate Advanced Program.


After much thought, A Course in Self-Discovery Program was launched and has become an overnight success. People are reporting of experiencing life empowering changes that they never thought were possible and all created by the UNUSUAL UNDERSTANDING they receive through my seminar series followed by the techniques and basic natural laws of transformation introduced as well as practiced within the program.”              ~ Michèle

9 modules – 16 weeks

90 minutes Virtual Live Faciliattaed weekly classes 

Some program variations besides what is described above may be offered; please inquire at chakauraPR™gmail.com

Contact us to register or for more Information.


Some program variations besides what is described above may be offered; please inquire at chakauraINFO@gmail.com


Learn new concepts, their structures and the daily techniques needed to bring your energy higher to where all the good stuff is! 



Now available ONLINE!

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