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 Lynda’s Specialty Services

(Chakaura™ in-house Chakaura™ Practitioner & Product manager for Michèle’s personal product line)

Chakaura™ Aroma-Crystal MASSAGES

An Aromatherapy massage involves gentle manipulations of soft tissue that affects all body systems with a blend of essential oils infused with crystals (plant & mineral material) tailored to the individual’s needs. This holistic treatment aids to improve both health and emotional as well as Soul wellbeing.  It restores balance to the body, mind & Soul. This will leave you feeling completely relaxed, revitalized and renewed!

Aromatherapy Massage (60min) $150.00

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (polarity with massage) $150.00

Back & Arms  (30min) $80.00

Chakaura Soleful Massage(Foot Massage) (30 minutes) 
A soleful experience stimulating pressure points on the feet for feelings of overall well-being. (30 minutes) $65

Body scrubs/polish

Chakaura Soleful Polish(30min)

The invigorating blend of aromatic oils and dead sea salts will deeply exfoliate your feet to remove any impurities dulling surface skin cells, revealing your new skin underneath. It also increases circulation and leaves your skin soft, smooth and polished. After a reflexology & foot massage,  A hydrating and nourishing body butter is applied, leaving your feet with a healthy radiant glow.

Chakaura Soleful Polish including Hands(45min)