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™ LIFE for LIFE™

Transformational Inner Yoga Retreat 

Our retreat locations are in the Emotional HEART Centre of Mother Earth,

The Yucatan of Mexico. 

They are right on the beach by the sea where

the 5 elements of LIFE MEET : Ether, Air, Fire , Water, Earth.   

Go to sleep to the ocean winds and sounds of the waves.

grab a coffee or tea and watch the sunrise from the beach.   

Greet the pelicans as they fly by each day in formation.


Simply BE for a Time & Rejuvenate


Earth Whisper with, Aboriginal Medicine Woman, Spiritmoonwalker

Experience a deeper awareness of life and connect to the elements in a conscious way with Indigenous Earth Whisperers, Michèle & Gilles

Experience connecting to nature in a whole new INPOWERING way. Learn to feel and know what it is to be truly grounded in a SOULFUL way

Foundational Retreat Energy Theme

Discover the Earth Whisperer with you as Michèle introduces you to the LIFE of Nature and its elements. Earth whisper with Michèle, Spiritmoonwalker. Learn how to listen and tap into the amazing in-powering energies of nature’s elements and be guided by Nature’s language.

From having whale pods swim by during your morning sunrise meditations to being graced by numerous pelican and flamingos fly-by’s to swimming with the rare manatee; everything becomes a wonder to behold. The Beach is our classroom where the sea and all elements of LIFE for LIFe connect. Feel the ;power around you trigger your power within. She helps you touch something within you and from the energies of nature that will change you forever!

Interact with the elements of creation to heal yourself as you offer healing to Mother Nature! Learn how easy it is to communicate with the animals and see them suddenly become part of your daily retreat activities. It is all about energy and balanced exchange! Learn how easy it is!

Some Workshop THEMES offered during our Retreats (included in retreat fee)

Other Retreat Workshop Themes and services offered  (Extra $)

Book a clinical session with Michèle or Gilles.

Michèle offers:

* Medical Intuitive Consults

* Chakaura™ Energy Therapies

* Chakaura™ STructural -Balancings™


Gilles offers:

* Personalized Nutritional & Lifestyle consutations.


Soul-Mating Relationships 

Redefining Gender roles for today’s needs..rekindle your couple..reconnect..

How to create a long lasting relationship.

Private weeklong Couples retreat available. Please inquire.


The Sacred Feminine Energy

What is it to be in your feminine energy polarity and why is it so important to recognize this powerful energy and its role? 

It’s about energy and not just gender.Everyone has male and female energy in them. Come learn how important it is to manage the two in your day to day living for health and happiness.

Step 1 & 2 of 12 

Gilles introduces the first 2 steps of his 12 STEP PROGRAM.

Signup for his full program and receive a retreat discount. Please inquire.

Go home and bring the retreat with you. Continued support and guidance with our ONLNE Live programs.