Yucatan Chakaura™ Awakening Your Muse Retreat with Michèle

Reboot ….Relax …Rejuvenate…Make a difference…

Educate…Give Back


Soul mating Retreat

Our Group Retreats..Discover your Tribe!

These retreats are special, magical and structured on the Chakaura™ energies Michèle & Gilles bring to their events!  They together, create a space where you can simply simply be.

Each retreat is unique and alive with a life of its own!

No retreat ever repeats itself for the energies are ALIVE and ADAPT to each participants needs in that moment of time.


From having whale and dolphin pods swim by during your morning meditations to being graced by numerous pelicans and flamingos flying by, to swimming with the rare manatee; everything becomes a wonder to behold. The Beach is our classroom where the sea and all elements of LIFE for LIFE connect.  Let Michèle & Gilles share a world of wonder with nature and its amazing creatures.


Yucatan Group Retreats in 2021 -22 

Connect to nature and relax, rejuvenate and simply enjoy! 

Seminars & workshops on managing your outer and inner energies, choosing high energy foods to avoid burnout, connecting to nature for energy, relaxing techniques, rebooting exercises & rejuvenating activities.



 Yucatan Couples Retreats in 2021 -2022

Connect to life and relax, rejuvenate your couple and simply enjoy!  

Seminars & workshops on managing your couples energies,  relaxing techniques, couple rebooting exercises & physical rejuvenating activities.

Book your own Private Chakaura™ Getaway with Michèle & Gilles, your hosts!

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