Chakaura™ LIFE for LIFE™

Wellness & Rejuvenating Retreats

in Yucatan, Mexico

Caribbean ‘LIFE for LIFE” Retreats 

~ Body, Mind & Soul Week Long Retreats

You will be more ALIVE then you could ever imagine being!

Discover the Earth Whisperer with you as Michèle introduces you to the LIFE of Nature and its elements. Earth whisper with Michèle, Spiritmoonwalker. Learn how to listen and tap into the amazing in-powering energies of nature’s elements and be guided by Nature’s language.

From having whale pods swim by during your morning sunrise meditations to being graced by numerous pelican and flamingos fly-by’s to swimming with the rare manatee; everything becomes a wonder to behold. The Beach is our classroom where the sea and all elements of LIFE for LIFe connect. Feel the ;power around you trigger your power within. She helps you touch something within you and from the energies of nature that will change you forever!

Interact with the elements of creation to heal yourself as you offer healing to Mother Nature! Learn how easy it is to communicate with the animals and see them suddenly become part of your daily retreat activities. It is all about energy and balanced exchange! Learn how easy it is!

Experience CHAKAURA™ life at its fullest!

Chakaura™ Wellness & Rejuvenating Retreats like no other!



 Release your Stress and Rejuvenating Wellness Retreat

Reboot ….Relax …Rejuvenate
Learn how to maintain this state when you get home ..

See how easy this is….

Healthy Food that is Tasty!
Healthy lifestyles that are fun… and nourish the Soul in you!

Easy simple experiences you can bring home with you to hold onto a relaxed stress-free life!

Spend Intimate time with International world-renown teacher, author and First Nations Aboriginal Medicine Woman Michèle St.Amour, with her soulmate of 40 years, Gilles St.Amour, a specialist in nutrition, exercise, and sustainable living practices. Let them guide and mentor you on a week you will not soon forget.

Begin the day with Sungazing, sunrise meditations, a light brunch followed by KataChi or Yoga..
Enjoy meals as a group with discussions of how to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle in your hectic busy life.

Learn how important it is to eat and have a lifestyle for the health of your nervous system and why. The week is balanced with teachings, rejuvenating activities, Fun, play , instructional workshops and time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

*Learn how to let go of your stress in one breath!
*Learn how to relax again in a new way!
*Learn how heal those wounds, traumas or disappointments!
*Release what no longer serves you in a non-suffering way!
*Cut the cords that bind you and enslave you in non-serving ways!

These retreats are special, magical and structured on the Chakaura™ (Soul) energies Michèle & Gilles bring to their events! In the end, life is about the soul of your being; that inner sanctuary we often ignore or chose to forget. They together, create a space where you feel safe to simply be.

Each retreat is unique and alive with a life of its own! No retreat is ever repeats itself for the energies are ALIVE and ADAPT to each participants needs in that moment of time.


Besides our retreats posted we offer private one-on-one weeklong retreats.
*Are you a couple looking to reconnect? Michèle & Gilles will tailor a weeklong retreat just for you.
*Are you not able to make the dates of group retreats ? They will create a retreat week just for you with mentoring and daily consultations. Just ask…

Michèle and Gilles offer a structured, grounded approach to Self-Development, and Perfect Health for a new technological era! Wether you participate at the group retreats or individual private retreats, Michèle weaves her magic and deep knowledge of the Chakaura™ energies, healing, and transformation into space created just for you! Gilles brings a grounded sustainable approach to nutrition, the need to exercise for today’s needs and sustainable lifestyle practices.

Make new friends! Discover the LIFE for LIFe Chakaura™ way; no need to lose or suffer to be happy.

As Michèle says, “If you can’t have fun at it then it’s not healthy!”

Life is about having FUN! That is the only time your Soul Sings! Let her teach you how to have fun!! Become as a child once again…

EXTRAS Sessions with Michèle and/or Gilles

This is an opportunity to reconnect your Soul with a Chakaura™ Structural-Balancing therapy with Michèle; one of the most powerful experience a person can gift themselves with. Book a personalized session with Gilles and get your nutrition and lifestyle back on track. They both offer online live follow-ups following all retreats so you are supported every step of the way. Michele and Gilles also offer year round ONLINE zoom classes so you may continue your journey with them from home.

Go home balanced, restructured with a whole new approach to life! We guarantee it!

As Michèle says, “OSHTALO, welcome home and may you be blessed by LIFE”…


Our next group retreat dates are…or

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December 6 – 13 2019

Main Theme Earth Whispering & Nutrition

Jan. 31 – Feb. 7 2020

Main Theme SoulMating

April 24 – May 1 – 2020

Main Theme Earth Whispering, Nutrition, Sacred Feminine

Can’t make these dates? We have a solution…

Book your own private retreat with us!

Want to know more? Contact us for details on booking yourself into our mini resort for 5 to 30 days where you can personalize your stay with us.

Are you a couple wanting to reconnect or bring your relationship to the next level?

Book yourselves in for a SOULMATING RETREAT

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Are you wanting to reconnect or life to the next level?


Book yourselve in for a




Book your own private retreat with us!


Want to know more? Contact us for details on booking yourself into our mini resort for 5 to 30 days where you can personalize your stay with us. 


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