Caribbean ‘LIFE for LIFE” Wellness Retreats 

~ Body, Mind & Soul Week Long Retreats

You will be more ALIVE then you could ever imagine being!

Caribbean Wellness Retreat  

Our retreat locations are in the Emotional HEART Centre of Mother Earth, The Caribbean & Yucatan Mexico .They are right on the beach where the 5 elements of LIFE MEET; Ether, Air, Fire , Water, Earth. 

Go to sleep to the ocean winds and sounds of the waves..grab a coffee or tea and watch the sunrise from the beach. Greet the pelicans as they fly by each day in formation.

Simply BE for a Time & Rejuvenate

Yucatan LIFE FOR LIFE Retreat….

December 6 to 13, 2019


Then followed by our Soulmating Retreat….

January 31 to February 7th 2020

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 Yucatan Mexico


 What’s so special about these retreats? 

  Michèle & Gilles are both with you every step of your journey to IN POWER you! Grounded teachings & Non Traditional techniques presented in a scientific model…NO HOCUS POCUS!! No dogmas

 You will go home rested, rejuvenated & with tools to maintain what you experienced!! This retreat is for anyone wishing to create a better healthier lifestyle & have wise guidance in what that really means!!

  Michèle & Gilles are a team like no other; soulmates that now share the energy of the cosmic to those ready to make this next step into In-powering their life!





Michèle St.Amour,TEACHER OF TEACHERS, Founder & Director of Chakaura™ Institute, International Author, Speaker & Self-development Expert / Aboriginal Medicine Woman, CHAKAURA™ Naturopathic Energy Practitioner

Gilles St.Amour , Certified Personal Trainer, Tai kwon do Black Belt, Chakaura™ KATA CHI Instructor, Nutritional & Lifestyle Coach 

and the Chakaura™ Team, certified Chakaura™ NEP Practitioners & SDProgram Graduates



Make it happen in the SOUL CENTRE of the world!


 Embrace Higher Energy & Higher Vibrations in your life. Be more Alive than you have ever been!

Sunrise & sundown greetings…..nature meditations…. learn how to revive your health the CHAKAURA™ WAY..

Surround yourself with the Energy of the ocean… Eat amazing foods… learn what lifestyle changes you need, to be more ALIVE & Healthy... mingle with like-minded people. Detoxify your body & those ideas and emotions that no longer serve you.

Rest & Relaxation = Rejuvenation...Simply be! You will have ‘me’ time to do the things that make you happy!

Harness your CHAKAURA™ energies that are your source of LIFE & Health 


  •  SOULFUL Daily Meditation & Mindfulness Practices, SunGazing, light exercises, and/or Inner Yoga on the beach, KATA TAI WITH GILLES (BLACK BELT CERTIFIED), NUTRITIONAL LIFESTYLE TEACHINGS, 
  •  Learn new grounding energy techniques &  Self-discovery teachings. 
  •  Learn about how to prepare meals that are simple, easy and fulfill all the nutritious needs of today’s society. 

Mornings are full of organized retreat activities and your afternoons will be relaxation time where you can soak up the sun on the beach, read a book, join an art class, enjoy a session with Michèle, get a nutritional consult with our expert,  or participate on beach sport activities.

 Michèle & Gilles that to be truly Happy, you must emphasizes the importance of taking care of your body, your Soul vehicle and why this is first & foremost priority of life for life…


 Live Food! 

 Life Energy! 

 Life Force!

 Love Energy with Soul…by the Ocean


 Intimate groups 

 Join Michèle & Gilles to be energized into fulfilling your life purpose.

 Enjoy relaxing walks, sun time and personal one-on-one time with the Chakaura™ Team 




Accommodations, retreat scheduled activities & Chakaura™ menu meals  (see details below)  

 Our rates are based on Double mini suite room occupancy.*( rooms have a small kitchenette with microwave, fridge and sink. 

Single room occupancy & deluxe suite ( KING BED) with ocean facing balcony also available ( limited) at extra cost. Please inquire to availability.



Spiritual nutrition & REAL FOOD  recipes

 Your package includes basic healthy vegetarian meals – fish is served (Michèle’s own health conscious but delicious recipes):   breakfast, lunch, basic beverages, evening meals.

Enjoy fresh local fish, beautiful salads, homemade dishes and more… YOU WILL LEARN HOW EASY IT IS TO EAT HEALTHY AND ENJOY THE LIFESTYLE OF PERFECT HEALTH. You are responsible to moderate your allergies.

 Evening meals are as a group so everyone mingles and makes new friends!


 The retreats include seminars with Michèle & Gilles as well as other specialist in the fields of Chakaura™ specialty. LIMITED SPACE SO FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.  

Bring your spouse or family!!! We have group specials!! There are many other activities they can enjoy while you are with us in the mornings! 


Enjoy the sea, miles and miles of deserted beach, homemade healthy foods created with recipes by Michèle & Gilles, daily beach activities such as Soulful meditations, sunrise salutations,  Soulful meditations & time with Michèle, a modern-day mystic that will share teachings you will not read in books. She helps you discover the modern-day mystic within you!

Regular price is $2,450 CA (tax incl.)

Our specials Begin at $1,500 CA (tax incl.

Limited Early bird Specials; first come first serve. Once these special prices are filled the price reverts to regular price of $2,450 per person)


We have a student/ client promotion rate. Please inquire if you are a SD program ( Self-discovery student) or NEProgram graduate or student.  

Details Below….


These retreats are about YOU experiencing the LIFE for LIFE!

You will learn through connecting with the elements of life; Earth, Wind, Water & Fire to be more ALIVE then you could ever imagine you CAN be!” 

I will Guide you how to connect to all life charging & energizing elements so that you can Heal, let go of trauma, transform those ideas that no longer serve you,  or create whatever is your wish from the things that are the foundation of Creation. I offer you the foundation of manifesting all you wish; the Magic of LIFE; your genie in your bottle!!! ”   ~ Michèle



Not Included in retreat cost: 

Flight ( YOU LAND IN MERIDA, MEXICO – OUR TRAVEL AGENT WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS) and shuttle service not included in promotional prices unless otherwise indicated (we offer shuttle service to and from AIRPORT TO VILLA for an  extra  fee PER PERSON, please inquire; rates may vary according to arrival time).

An outing day and many extra curricular activities are available at extra cost midway through the retreat.

Snacks or meals in the restaurant are not included; purchases at the local mini store are to included. The currency used is Pesos. DO not bring USD dollars; it is a better choice exchange your Canadian funds to pesos and pay in pesos. You get more for your buck as they say!

 Alcohol is not permitted during the retreat. Alcohol is a mood alternating substance which goes against what Chakaura™ shares during the events we host. Though the resort does serve alcohol we expect anyone participating in retreat format to not consume any alcohol during the retreat. This is an honors code of conduct. We will ask anyone who does not respect this to leave immediately. This includes any family or friends that accompany you but chooses not to participate. Thank you

NON REFUNDABLE & non-TRANSFERABLE/ A deposit IS NEEDED TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT with balance due 45 days before event. Please inquire for more details.



Book a Chakaura™ Clinic session  with Michèle.. Take time out to rejuvenate and learn how easy it can be to connect to your Soul Purpose!

Book a Lifestyle and nutritional program with Gilles!!

A day outing into the ancient city of MERIDA!

Visit the longest pier in the world and pickup some souvenir in PROGRESSO!

Rent a Car and tour the area on your free day!

Or simply hang out at the resort and enjoy the beautful miles of beaches! Read a book…R & R at your request!!

A participant shares….

This retreat is like no other… this is not a traditional all inclusive…this changed my life in every way and I have taught retreats for 20 years of my life…and this retreat with Michèle was indescribable and unique and not like anything I have ever experienced!

 In the flavour of sustainability… and everything that Michèle teaches about respecting Mother Earth… everyone has an opportunity to give back & then to receive.. we all do our part whether it is cleaning up the beach..… rescuing baby octopus washed up and giving daily thanks … we learn to respect it by living it…   LIFE FOR LIFE RETREAT!”

 Jennifer Blake, Emotional Healing Specialist