Michèle Discusses the Inner & Outer World of our Reality

The Science of Spirituality by Michèle

Matter is a form of life that has crystallized. Life is alive, electric & has an immaterial inner world not governed by the same laws of our material reality. The physical world is grounded by the laws of mass and time whereas the inner world has no form, no mass and is non linear so perpetually in the NOW. Human, animals, nature is the connection between both worlds; the inner and the outer. We are antenna’s of consciousness learning to develop the awareness of the existence of our immaterial into fabric, outer reality.  Self-mastery is acquired as we learn to function within both worlds as one. 

I tell my students when we define life and its happenings with the laws of the material world, we use the word ‘science’. But to define our life and its mysteries from an inner perspective, with our minds, and emotions, then the proper way is through spiritual concepts; spirituality. Both are equal and both are simply a matter of perspective, focus. 

There are two worlds within the one reality. Quality of consciousness is defined by the broadness and breadth of awareness a person has developed in viewing their life experiences. Wisdom is in fact acquired when a person connects the manifestation of experience and form from an inner perspective. 

A wise persons knows that the physical world and all its amazing creatures, adventures and our relationships is a direct resut of the way we think and react to these thoughts. The seed of matter delves in an immaterial world that is governed by laws most humans are not educated in or very familiar with. A spiritual person has decided to study and become knowledgeable through direct experiental knowledge of the workings and laws of the inner world so as to master life and all its myriad expressions of form.

Simply put, the difference between these two worlds, our inner and our outer is the laws that govern them.


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