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This is an introduction to Michèle’s world-renown Chakaura™ protocols techniques and cosmic teachings. She teaches how science and intuition are from the same source and how to unite these two once again within your day to day experience through the practice of Chakaura teachings so you may fully be in your power.

She says, “WE are energy beings and we produce electricity so it is only normal that we must manage our energy wisely. The Chakaura protocols are the key to avoiding burnout and stress fatigue.”

WORKSHOP Cost: regular $500 CAD/ For this retreat no charge; it is included in your retreat package

Nutrition for your Nervous system WORKSHOP  with Gilles

Gilles discusses what nutrition for the nervous system is all about and how it is the only way to prevent BURNOUt without relying on medication or an overdose of supplements. WORKSHOP Cost: regular $300 CAD/ For this retreat no charge; it is included in your retreat package

Also included in your retreat package: Daily beach activities, walks, teachings, meditations, Inner yoga, KataChi, and more…


Things to do (optional)$$ extra


 Chakaura™Clinical Session with Michèle

Michèle offers Naturopathic energy session to those wishing to support themselves with that little extra boost everyone sometimes need. Book a Chakaura™ Therapy that is life-changing and one of the most in-powering therapies a person can gift themselves with.

A Chakaura™ Structural Balancing to re-align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Non-intrusive, gentled but with an impact that is indescribable. People travel from all over the world to consult with Michèle.

Begins at $550 unto $1,500 session. ( determined by type of booking)



Book a private one-on-one with health expert Gilles St.Amour for your own personalized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle program.

Begins at $350/hour CAD


Midway through the week, all participants have a day where they may choose to visit many of the sacred Mayan local sites, do some shopping in Merida (one of the oldest cities in Mexico)or Progreso, partake of local dishes, visit the renown Pink Sands where flamingos by the hundreds can be seen and more.


Cost is Various $$$ depending on outing. Please Inquire.