What makes Chakaura™unique?

Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers an accredited doctorate Inititate program in subtle energy healing and the transformational process. The most empowering Self-development programs and the only Chakaura™ Cosmic energy school in the world!

Chakaura™ Institute of Soul is the only school in the world that structures our courses and programs on the Chakaura™ Cosmic Energy, its protocols and techniques based on solid scientific laws. No hocus locus!! No flaw flaw!!

WE are the only school that understand the difference between telluric and cosmic energies and what are their applications.

The Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers a structured, grounded approach to health and self-development for a new era!




Programs Structured for today’s needs founded on ancient ways

 We teach what Perfect health really means, proper nutrition of body, mind & Soul; how self-healing works, and  how to become aware of all the dimension of your existence right up to your Soul.

What people do not understand is we can never go back and this also means practicing spiritual activities in the old ways. They were created for the people of those times in another era and energy that no longer exists today.  

 A properly trained teacher understands this and has mastered the realm of subtle energy so hence knows how to structure spiritual and energetic practices for the needs of this generation and era that are safe and healthy based on scientific protocols and safety standards. Just because it is subtle energy does not mean it is not scientific and governed by natural laws. This is what is missing in most energy based trainings; a deep understanding of the physics of energy work and what this demands of us who decide to work with these energies.

Chakaura is that missing link…it has the protocols and safety standards for safe and fulfilling subtle energy modalities. It has the secret founding transformational experiences; it understands the muse, the creative force which is also the energy that heals us of all our problems and iuillnesses for it is the house of these energies. “

” Michèle