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with the Science and Technology of Inner Well-being.


A Place where Science & Intuition Walk Hand-in-Hand;

  where physical, mental-emotional & spiritual health

are the foundation of success & happiness.

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Next Course Begins

September 3rd

from 12 – 1pm

 Canadian eastern time

Online Facilitated LIVE 6 Week Course

Group Format

(Individual Mentoring Format available, please inquire)

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The most Complete, Advanced & Structured Self-Development Program You will find!


Begins in October

Ends In MAY

Online VIRTUAL LIVE weekly classes

 Group Format 

 Self-study Opportunities  

Mentoring and Therapeutic Support

Accredited Program (ANN, QC)


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Of Interest (click on photo)

New Knowledge for these times! 

Michèle shares a technique to manage your stress 

Online LIVE virtual recording

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personal Website below


Retreats & Meditative Videos (click on photo)


 Yucatan of Mexico


Next Group Retreats:

January 17-22 &

April 18-23  2021

Next Soulmating Retreat

February 12-19 2021

A Soulmating Retreat Share of their experience with Gilles & Michèle during their weeklong private couples getaway.

Accommodations During your Stay with us!

Where you will stay during our Yucatan Mexico 

EO-Wellness Retreats & Private Clinic Visits!


Wake up to the sounds of the sea;

smell the salt breeze and feel the warm winds!

SNEAK PEAK of the wonderful sunny location. The mini resort is in condominium style to offer you the seclusion and privacy for these times where our health is of importance. The restaurant offers ensuite meals or an intimate secluded outdoor setting.  TecnoBeach is located in San Benito Yucatan Mexico right on the Gulf of Mexico. The condos all face the ocean which is but a few hundred feet away. This is a small resort that is perfect for these uncertain times.

You wish more privacy? 

Book your own Private Casa on the Beach

or a full Condominium Apartment at Village Wayak.