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Michèle C. St.Amour

Founder & Directrice of the Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL

Clients & Students share about what makes Chakaura™ & Michèle Unique!

Chakaura™ - It's Beginnings

Chakaura™, is a trademarked Company founded by Michèle in the year 2000.  It has grown to an International Organization that supports a non-suffering way of living – one where The Power of Your Soul, Your Chakaura Power leads the way in helping the world and people live life to the fullest with joy, abundance, Wellness, happiness! Chakaura™ is a whole new level of understanding a higher sceince of our inner wolrd yet unexplored and unknown.

It is the unknown now named…Michèle has been given the training and understanding of launching Chakaura™ to the mainstream  to support us in these beautiful times of great shifts and evoltuion.Michèle brings her unique experiences and varied trainings and background to all of its teachings. Chakaura™ teaches and helps yu create  a way of life aligned with the Soul’s main Purpose, which is to explore, expereince and master a physical world of time and matter.  To do this one must embrace of a new mindset, a mindet as yet non-existent now brought forth through the ChakauraT Institute of SOUL and Michèle’s teachings.  At Chakaura™, the Soul leads the way to a less ego driven lifestyle founded on healthy conscious choices, mastering the wold of higher energies at the ùchakaura™structural level, energy management 101, optimizinf vitality and your ability to create your life grounded on your Chakaura™ power.

ChakauraSEE Project

The ChakauraSEE (Sustainable Ecological Education) Projects by Michèle

Chakaura™ has been supporting various humanitarian endeavors for decades. Visit our page for more details.


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