Workplace Health Program – Avoid NSDS®Burn Out

WE ensure the wellbeing of your employees, teach methods to better manage stress in the workplace, at home and hence this reduces the overall cost of health related issues to businesses.

WE offer tailored made training programs on wellness for individuals in the workplace  to help them bring the best of themselves to work, especially in the face of high stress of today’s demands and standards of quality.


1. Company retreats help employees to refocus their energies.

2. Our off-site retreats encourage team building and bonding.

3. The quality & content of our retreats show employees that they are valued as well as their health.

4. Employees have time to reflect & connect and learn ways to incorporate mindfulness in everyday interactions.

5. Everyone benefits from our well planned retreat with defined goals. We will work with you and tailor a program specific to your organizational needs to maximize results.

Learn how to create a workplace that is geared to a positive and productive athmosphere which will increase employee performance, staff communication and better results as an end.

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