Chakaura™ SEE (Sustainable Educational Eco-Wellness) Project


Humankind can develop and support its present evolutionary shift of consciousness from Lower Egoic Mind to Higher Heart oriented Mind through Chakaura™ Knowledge and Transformational practices. Chakaura™ is a Cosmology founded institute/beyond any organized ‘egregore’ and has a history of positive influence on the psycho-energetic processes of living beings dating back to when time was created, and man-made into being. Chakaura™ accesses the oldest known science of man and our beginnings.

Chakaura™ has the solution to the global challenge

Chakaura™is the missing link! We understand the root of our present global crisis.

We hold the SECRET to supporting a global positive shift.

Chakaura™ teaches the science of LIFE and we have the unusual scientific knowledge of the role of SOUL in changing times.

Chakaura™ is the KEY everyone has been looking for!

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