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Become SOUL Conscious Through becoming involved in our Projects!

Become a Chakaura Tribe Member

We rent amazing casa’s and condos right on the beach and offer all types of support to Chakaura Conscious Living Community Members.
Register you and your family as members and access all kinds of wonderful things.
The Chakaura Conscious Living Community is fast growing and it will be an amazing place for all of us to grow & support each other.

Some of what the Chakaura SEE Community Living Membership includes :

  • access our Chakaura facilities at various times
  • supporting lodging for your needs in one of our rentals
  • personnlaized support for basic questions
  • Chakaura community socials, meet & greets, excursions and more
  • members price for activities such as courses, turtle camp, using the centre facility, etc..
  • a guide to all the amazing opportunities here and some cool need to know information that otherwise is not available
  • an online private group chat of like-minded people
  • Upto date information to things like restaurants, shopping, dentists, medical, banking, places to visit, legal, librairies, theatre, etc.

And more..

A Yearly membership fee is $150 per person; $250 per family ( kids included up to 3 children under 14)  

Contact us to register at

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Become a part of our Chakaura Conscious Living Community

In Yucatan of Mexico and in the Laurentian’s of Eastern Canada!

We are building a community of like-minded individuals wanting to create a better world. Change begins with the individual creating a ressonance outwards. Our community living is grounded on a new mindset where ECO-WELLNESS AND ECO-LIVING ARE AT ITS foundation. 

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