Chakaura™ International Health Clinic

We bring back the Soul in Health…

                         …as well as supporting the symptoms and causes of a health issue

Chakaura™ brings together  3 main components for Perfect Health to be embraced:

#1. Traditional Allopathic support (deals with the symptoms of  health issues, the system used by our medicals today) medical science.

#2. Homeo-Naturopathic Remedies and Subtle Energy Treatments the understanding of the physical and subtle energies underlying ALL health issues wether they be physical, psychological or spiritual. This includes the complete science of Psycho-Energetic causes of health issues. 


Chakaura Structural Health; we bring the real science of HEALING INTO YOUR LIFE GROUNDED ON the Science of SOUL HEALTH; the foundation of Perfect Health.


We are an International Institution!

WE offer LIVE ONLINE Consultations and Distant Support.

We have Chakaura™ Practitioners in various areas around the world!

No matter where you are in the

world, we can support you!



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