Chakaura International Health Clinic

We bring back the Soul in Health…

                         …as well as supporting the symptoms and causes of a health issue

WE Specialize in…Chakaura Grounded Modalities; the beginning of Everything we know of Life.

 Health is about….

Balancing Health of:

  • Your body for a strong Foundation through Conscious Living Practices
  • In-powering Your Mind through Chakaura Therapies and Energy Management Techniques taught in our programs.
  • Connecting to your Chakaura Power to create Peace & Happiness in your life

WE offer LIVE ONLINE Consultations and Distant Therapies,

so no need to come to the clinic!

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Wed – Sat— by appointment only

Sunday — Tues – Closed

OUR Mission

Chakaura™  envisions a world where enjoying optimal health with SOUL AWARENESS is primarily a person’s first goal in life knowing that this is the key to success and happiness.

We believe that a balanced allopathic and homeopathic system of healing must be adopted for humanity to finally discover the missing link to perfected health and happiness: that missing link is the Chakaura™ organism…Unique to us at Chakaura Institute.

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