What is CHAKAURA™?

Chakaura™ is a living energetic organism some would describe as a unified energy field that creates you, fuses your thinking, your emotional & spiritual self together. Some have gone as far as to call it your SOUL body.    

  Your energetic connection to your Chakaura™ determines your overall physical and psychological health, your energy levels, structures the journey of your ability  to heal from any disease or mental issue, to change a pattern or let go of something.  

“Your Chakaura™ houses your creative energies, your muse, your vital life force; in fact YOUR LIFE connection.” Michèle shares.

“It is the missing link to healing all diseases and to manifesting what some are calling ‘Superpowers’.

 My programs, the Chakaura™ therapies and the teachings hold the SECRET to developing and tapping into an infinite cosmic source of Chakaura™ energy. This is the SECRET..this is the missing link…to everything!!!”I Your Chakaura™ connection or health determines which energy frequency or vibration you resonate the most with which then determines your life experiences. it creates your responses or determines the experiences you draw to yourself through the law of attraction by your state of positive or negative charge. 

  •  Are you often depressed, angry, anxious, fed up or complaining about everything or something in particular?
  • Are you always tired, ill or lacking incentive?
  • Are you wanting to make change but nothing seems to work?
  • Are you fed up of searching and trying so many modalities that all seem the same to you with no results?
  • Looking for the next step??
  • On a spiritual quest but nothing speaks to you or you heard it all before?  

Then Your “stuck” in a  telluric frequency which cuts you off from the higher cosmic energies of your Chakaura™… your disconnected from your Chakaura™.  We are the missing link… 




Programs Structured for today’s needs founded on ancient ways

 We teach what Perfect health really means, proper nutrition of body, mind & Soul; how self-healing works, and  how to become aware of all the dimension of your existence right up to your Soul.

What people do not understand is we can never go back and this also means practicing spiritual activities in the old ways. They were created for the people of those times in another era and energy that no longer exists today.  

 A properly trained teacher understands this and has mastered the realm of subtle energy so hence knows how to structure spiritual and energetic practices for the needs of this generation and era that are safe and healthy based on scientific protocols and safety standards. Just because it is subtle energy does not mean it is not scientific and governed by natural laws. This is what is missing in most energy based trainings; a deep understanding of the physics of energy work and what this demands of us who decide to work with these energies.

Chakaura is that missing link…it has the protocols and safety standards for safe and fulfilling subtle energy modalities. It has the secret founding transformational experiences; it understands the muse, the creative force which is also the energy that heals us of all our problems and iuillnesses for it is the house of these energies. “

” Michèle