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  Whether you take our trainings for personal development, or to promote a healthier workplace environment or to heal some health issues you may be experiencing, or to take control of your life…

  • Do you wish to master a racing mind?
  • Uncertainty?
  • Brain fog?
  • Discover how all is but one big Mind of energy?
  • That something more exists beyond the mind?
  • Bring your daily energy resources to another level?
  • Learn how to control you energy? 

The first thing about your journey is understanding what makes you tick!


Our Programs are for everyone looking to better their life!

At home, in a relationship, at work, for improved performance, higher creativity…you name it.

Why You?  Why Us?

Our unique Training program has a 100% Success Rate for all those who follow the program to completion and its accompanying exercises.  This is a stunning rate of success that aids participants both professionally and personally.  

Sometimes we get   “stuck” in a low and draining negative energy, where nothing good or positive can be accomplished! 

Let us teach you how to shift this!

Mastering your Chakaura energy helps you with the quality your energy which determines your:

  • health, productivity, creativity, resourcefulness
  • your ability to shift life circumstances
  • is responsible for your thought patterns (ideas about life),
  • is where energy bindings are created that suck your energy
  • is where you get the energy and your ability to heal from an ailment or disease  
  • or let go of ideas or people that no longer serve your highest good
  • as well as how well or not you will succeed in all avenues of your life!

Begin the Journey of Mastering your  Chakaura Energy with our

Chakaura Bridge The Gap Program

*12 ONLINE LIVE 30-minute facilitated weekly sessions

Energy is like MONEY; it is transferrable

Discover but more importantly, experience through Michèle’s proprietorial trainings how to access THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY ON EARTH!

Your Chakaura™ Energy

Learn to control your mind, release stress in a breath, 

and gain control of your emotions

through Your Chakaura™ Energy.

What did you like most about this workshop?

Derek  Di Nuzo had to say! ” Learning about energy/lifeforce.”

Janet-Leigh Potvin had to say! “Discussion about grounding, Chakaura soul and how the nervous system is holding onto energy and can make a person ill.”

Chakaura™ Workshop Participants 2019

Hawkesbury, ON CANADA

The Chakaura™ tools are the missing link that supports you and helps you avoid NSDS™ (Nervous system Distress Syndrome), today’s greatest challenge and the cause for burnout.
Jennifer Blake

Emotional Healing Therapist, Blake Consulting

Whether in your day to day life experiences or in a working environment, full of change –

being adaptable and staying present and in higher brain functions of reasoning and discernment – which then allow for creativity and idea expansion – is KEY!

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