The Journey of Transformation always starts with the individual!

Chakaura™ ~ Mastering Your Chakaura™ Subtle Energies

 The Good stuff in Life ~ Higher awareness is all about manifesting the higher Frequency Ranges of your Chakaura™ ~ a living organism of subtle energy that is the missing link and foundation of  health.

Wether you take our courses for personal development or to become an accredited Chakaura™ Practitioner, first and foremost is the journey of self-development our programs offer you.

Looking for the next step into self-realization & higher energies? *OR to understand & master your subtle senses at a higher level? 


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Chakaura™, Available Online Courses & Program 

This Chakaura™ School is more than a school, it’s a place where you’re held as a family, not judged and where you’re able to grow at your own pace.”

Jennifer Boucher

NEProgram Graduate

The three years whizzed past and I made some wonderful new friends, and I have flourished professionally and personally. I am just so glad when I decided, on that fateful day, to commit to the NEProgram at Chakaura Institute.” Graduate 2016

Lynda Lemieux

NEProgram Graduate, Aromatherapy Teacher, Lemieuxaroma

“My study at the Chakaura Institute was the most precious years of learning I have ever received as an individual. Michèle’s programs are life changing!” 

John S.

Public Figure

The Chakaura™ tools are the missing link that supports you and helps you avoid NSDS™ (Nervous system Distress Syndrome), today’s greatest challenge and the cause for burnout.
Jennifer Blake

Emotional Healing Therapist, Blake Consulting

 The Chakaura™ programs  support and teach you how to first recognize then master your Chakaura™ Subtle energies and understand its connections to your physical body  

Our programs teach you the tools and guide you to access the higher energies of your Chakaura™ Body and how to use these energies to your benefit in everyday life. Learn how to bring Your Energy Frequency Higher to tap into the subtle forces of your Chakaura™ field where Manifestation, Intuition and more is sourced…

Our longterm program brings you to a high level of mastering your Chakaura™ energies and then apply this knowledge in a professional and therapeutic setting if you so wish. 

Need more energy to complete your work?…heal an illness?…manage you’re creative energies?..Study for that test?…manifest that dream?.. 

 The Chakaura™ is  where your inner self; your intuition, your higher mind, are accessed. This is the missing link to success and happiness. It is where the energy that we create with, is sourced.


Come and learn how many why with us!



REPTILIAN BRAIN – Avoid getting overwhelmed by your fears; a reptilian brain response

What the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul can teach you 

Learn techniques and gain unusual knowledge that will help you ground your higher Chakaura™ energy frequencies so you may rise above the lower frequencies of your reptilian brain; its instinctive responses where heavy negative experiences or feelings exist that no longer serve your highest good or your life purpose. 

 Your Chakaura™ energies are the only energies powerful enough to control your reptilian brain responses when they run rampant in the guise of your fears, phobias, negative heavy ideas, etc…

 Learn to control and transform your outdated ideas through the Chakaura™ protocols that will enable you to control the reptilian responses when they manifest or suddenly surge unexpectedly.  

RESULTS some can expect from our programs 

  • Reduced stress levels
  • The ability to flush a stressful thought or emotion in an instant
  •  Burnout begins to dissipate and you embrace health at another level
  •  Feelings of despondency, anxiety, depression slowly disappear.
  •  The need to be medicated for mental/emotional health begins to be  resolved 
  • Your subtle energy senses will automatically begin to developing expand; your intuition will become clearer, your insights more grounded and your ability to remain calm and centred will manifest.


Whether you enroll in the Michèle’s programs for personal transformation and/or self-healing, or to become a professional in Chakaura™ Practitioner specializing in Naturopathic Energy modalities, or to integrate healing modalities into your current profession, the Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers you programs that can empower your life in unimaginable ways.


We Guarantee it!