Transformation & HEALTH always starts with the individual!


Mastering Your Subtle Chakaura™ Life Force Energies


Wether you take our courses for personal development or to become an accredited Chakaura™ Practitioner, first and foremost is the journey of mastering your Chakaura™ Energy.

Our Programs and services are for everyone!

  • Are you often depressed, angry, anxious, fed up or complaining about everything or something in particular. 
  • Ever feel drained by a person or place? Never have time for yourself?
  • Ever feel a need to avoid a person or a place because they or it left you with a bad feeling?
  • Dealing with health issues that never seem to go away?  

Then your “stuck” in a low telluric frequency which cuts you off from the higher energies of your Chakaura™ where all the cosmic energy to transform and succeed is found…   


The quality, frequency and flow of your Chakaura™ Energy determines your:

  • health
  • your ability to shift life circumstances
  • is responsible for your thought patterns (ideas about life),
  • is where energy bindings are created that suck your energy
  • is where you get the energy and your ability to heal from an ailment or disease  
  • or let go of ideas or people that no longer serve your highest good
  • as well as how well or not you will succeed in all avenues of your life!


Your journey with us begins with…


Chakaura™ Introduction 

A Day of Energy Management & Chakaura™  – BRIDGING THE GAP PROGRAM




Some of our Programs

CHAKAURA™ is where the energy is to create all you wish!


Virtual Online LIVE

Advanced Initiate Program

Begins October ends May

The Chakaura™ tools are the missing link that supports you and helps you avoid NSDS™ (Nervous system Distress Syndrome), today’s greatest challenge and the cause for burnout.
Jennifer Blake

Emotional Healing Therapist, Blake Consulting

What did you like most about this workshop?

Derek  Di Nuzo had to say! ” Learning about energy/lifeforce.”

Janet-Leigh Potvin had to say! “Discussion about grounding, Chakaura soul and how the nervous system is holding onto energy and can make a person ill.”

Chakaura™ Workshop Participants 2019

Hawkesbury, ON CANADA

Enroll in Chakaura™ programs for personal transformation and/or self-healing.  

Integrate Chakaura™ into your current profession and life for success and happiness.

The Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers you programs that can empower your life.



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