CHAKAURA™  Training Programs helps you…bring more light in from your Soul

Do everything better, more efficiently, maximize all results, create miracles in your life, and so much more…Listen to a few of our hundreds of shares from Beautiful Souls below.

Chakaura™ Institute of S.O.U.L.

A Naturopathic-Energy Clinic & Educational Centre 

Bringing your Chakaura Soul Power Into your Life for Optimum Wellbeing

From the Soul – Through Your Mind – Into Your Body

Your Chakaura™ Journey

Begins With…

FREE Book Download starting you on a journey of a lifetime!



Earthing with Your Chakaura! 

Daily Guided Centering Exercise with Michèle described in her latest Book!

Chakaura™ Super Power Your Life

A Daily Centering

Coming Soon for Purchase!

Chakaura™Powering Your Life with the Light of Your Soul

Next BTG Program LIVE Class

Begins In May 2024.

Virtual ONLINE Facilitated 45 minutes a

week + videos, Private Group  and more.

Email us to register at: [email protected]


Our Chakaura™ Training Programs are for everyone looking to better their life!

Our programs offer:

  • A deeper understanding of how you tick; knowledge you will not find anywhere else.


Why You?  Why Us?

Sometimes we get   “stuck” in a low and draining negative energy, habits that seem to be impossible to shift, addictions grounded on our inability to deal with our pain and trauma, to see beyond our ideas about life, so from this mindset where nothing good or positive can be accomplished! 

Let us teach you how to turn this around in a very short time!



WHY Chakaura™?

Our unique Training programs have a 100% Success Rate for all those who follow the program to completion and practicing the daily short exercises. 

We also have a 99.99% completion Rate!

This is a stunning rate of success supporting the Wellbeing of all participants both professionally and personally.  

Success in all aspects of your life is based upon the quality of energy you tap into to activate your life into action!


  • Health, productivity, creativity, resourcefulness
  • Your ability to shift life circumstances
  • Your thought patterns (ideas about life),
  • Those draining energy bindings are created that suck your energy
  • Your ability to heal from an ailment or disease  
  • Your ability to let go of ideas or people that no longer serve your highest good

Harness your Chakaura™ Power and learn how to use that most powerful energy on earth to eliminate the stuck energy responsible for ALL the NEGATIVE aspects of life!


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