Chakaura™, with Michèle, is The Missing Link…

 We know the Secret!

Improve and Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle; a Better Life! 


Bridging the Gap Between Two Worlds

Between the Science and Technology of Physical Well-being

with the Science and Technology of Inner Well-being

AS you know, we’ve all been challenged in our own way during these past months. 

Chakaura™ is here to support you

Here is our response to the world’s present challenges! 


A Place where Science & Intuition Walk Hand-in-Hand;

  where physical, mental-emotional & spiritual health

are the foundation of success & happiness.

Retreats & Mindfulness Videos (click on photo)

The GIFT 2

for YOU…


A Guided Chakaura™ groundingwith Michèle, to help ease your stress, calm your nervous system and simply BE. 



New Knowledge for these times! 

Michèle shares a technique to manage your stress 

Online LIVE virtual recording

Poster link to Michèle’s ( founder& director)

personal Website below



 Yucatan of Mexico


Next Group Retreat begin:

Fall 2021

Next Soulmating Retreat

February 12-19 2021

A Soulmating Retreat Share of their experience with Gilles & Michèle during their weeklong private couples getaway.


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