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Discover Your Tribe!

Come together and experience the beauty of sharing. Forge new lasting friendships; deepen ones you may already have…each retreat is special and LIFE is a transformation.

For Individuals

Private Retreats ~ For when you need that special One-on-One attention! We will tailor/ create a personalized retreat experience just for you to better reach those goals you have set!

Soul mating Retreat

Couples ReConnect

A sacred space is created for you and your spouse to reconnect, redefine and rediscover your relationship.

Corporate ReCharge

Fostering corporate culture in these changing times! Managing  a new hybrid work environment and company culture as employees  work from home or from the office.

Begins FALL 2021

Chakaura™ is..

…the missing link



dare to change

with Michèle & Gilles 





GETAWAY to Bridge the Gap with Chakaura™ for a Sustainable Happy Future

Experience another way of doing things naturally and bring it home without effort...let us show you how..it does not have to be difficult..Our retreats help you develop a keener awareness of your surroundings, with an appreciation to the grounding powers of nature promoting a clearer understanding and connection to the inner workings of your mind for example; a way to release stress, anxiety and simply being able to take time out when needed.
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Frequently Asked

Why are your Getaways so effective?

We help people understand the importance of being grounded for health, proffessional success, healthy relationships, supportive friendships and so much more.

What is so special about Chakaura™?

Chakaura™ teaches you how to bring Soul back into your life. We are one of the only institutions that understands why so many people are either not healthy or happy, experienxce anxiety, stress, and zomby states during these challenging times.

Who runs the Getaways?

Our director and founder with her highly trained team of experts run these retreats.

Why are they in Yucatan, Mexico?

We believe that this is the Heart of the World and with its balmy ocean breezes, turquoise waters and white beaches you cannot help but open your heart to new experiences and new ways of thinking that createnthe good things in life.

Where else does Chakaura™ hold GetAways?

Michèle will travel most anywhere if you have a large enough group for this. She also runs retreats in Eastern Canada during the Summer Fall months.


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