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Chakaura is now In the Publishing Business!

As the world goes through these amazing times of change, we at Chakaura, have also made a step in supporting the need for artistic expression within an energy and spirit of cooperation, loving energy, heart-based ideas and projects.

If you feel you have a work that would fit into our goals and are looking to be part of a global spiritual family beyond the old structures of belief then please reach out and let’s discuss your project. wether it be a book, an audio, video, or work of art you wish to share with the world, we are happy to discuss what we can offer you.

With the emergence of digital marketing, different artists have greater opportunities to improve credibility and recognition. Thanks to the power of the internet, publishing literature, music, or information are just a few clicks away.  AS part of our CHakauraSEE Project initiatives to support the Great Awakening and the Gathering as shared in Michèle’s book, Chakaura: Awakening The Muse, we have made this next step.

Want to join our fast growing Chakaura Team?

  • We are looking for writer’s, editors, marketing personnel, and more…
  • We are looking for designers; website, book, audio, etc

We offer by contract projects; we are looking for free thinking individuals that think outside the box … entrepreneurs that are dynamic, self-managing, and innovative in coming up with solutions. Writers, artists, creators with the expertise, gifts and means and potential to offer the world direction and grounding in these times of Change. 

Write to us at for all your questions


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