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WHAT THE TRAINING BRINGS YOU This program naturally increases your awareness and connection to the subtle energies of your inner world that are operating in your daily life. The advanced Chakaura™ techniques, protocols, safety standards and practices you will learn helps you begin to consciously work with your innate subtle senses in an empowering way on a daily basis.  

This training is structured in a way that you also graduate with an accredited as a Chakaura™ Practitioner and a Chakaura™ Structural-Balancing Practitioner ~ one of the most empowering experiences a person can gift themselves with.

 This advanced self-development course is for anyone wishing to empower themselves within all walks of life.   This course is bilingual. 


Chakaura™ Advanced Initiate Training NEProgram

Master the Energies of Your Inner World

Become a certified Chakaura™ Structural Balancing Practitioner

(the most empowering experience a human can have!)


Learn Naturopathic Holistic Modalities for personal or proffessional use (2 year+ accredited Program in QC)

 Some of the Training Content (Scroll down to bottom of page  more details)

  • Decoding and understanding your perceptions and developing your more subtle sensory capacities.
  • Chakaura™ Protocols and Safety Standards
  • Recognition, reception and management of the various types of energies governing vitality, general health, your emotions, your mind and soul.
  • Meditation, mindfulness and stress relieving techniques for yourself and others.
  • Understanding the science of transformation and techniques to support its development.
  • An in-depth study of the 5 body elements of life for health and self-realisation and in healing, health maintenance.
  • Application of various modules, techniques and practices to reinstate balance and support healthy lifestyles.
  • Codes of ethics, and the protocols surrounding behaviors, interactions with others, therapy & Naturotherapy. (Unique to  the Chakaura Programs)
  • Spirituality as a science; support systems and interviewing techniques.
  • Energy bindings, cords or limitations such as mental programming’s. How they are created, how they affect you and how to manage them.
  • An  in-debt study of the energetic anatomy and functions of the physical body including the chakras and the anatomy of the Soul.  How they are related and function together as one unit and how this relates to health and happiness.
  • Therapeutic application of many techniques as well as safe and proper therapeutic settings and procedures..
  • Training in numerous therapies as well as natural tools to support health such as: Chakaura™ Polarity, reflexology, accupressure, kinesiology, Emotional release techniques, Mind programming release techniques, Physical, emotional, mental & SOUL anatomy, metamedicine anatomy & symbolism, History of healing, mysticism, metaphysics, The elements in health & manifestation, developing Intuition, The Sacred, Higher Worlds, Ceremony, etc. 

How to balance allopathic and holistic medicine.

 Special to us: Chakaura™ grounding and protocols of person-to-person interaction, energy bindings (how to recognize and manage these so you do not get drained of your energy); Chakaura™ Energy Therapy, Chakaura™ Balancing therapy, Chakaura™ Harmonisation Therapy… 

 More program details below.

“Naturopathy & Energy Healing is rooted in tradition, but the practice must now become an integral part of today’s health care field.

You’ll learn how to heal, rebuild and maintain yourself and support others using a holistic approach and non-toxic treatments.”



Duration: This is one program spanning a 3 year period. we ask a commitment to the full program. Energy based trainings can be taxing on the nervous system so we ask for all students to follow a nervous system health regime during the course. Please inquire.

This program Begins in October  and runs approximately every two weeks on weekends with some exceptions.( approx. 2 weekends every month) Ends in May.  Accreditation of 550 hours per year. (Accredited with the NAN ~ National Association of Naturopaths of Quebec)

 Pre-requisite: SD AND….If you have more then 30 minute drive to class, you must lodge at our centre Saturday evening of class weekends overnight. 

Course Materials: Proper class and therapy attire (please inquire), therapy bed sheets and hand towels, a space to practice your therapies & techniques at home, a massage table at home you can travel to class with if need be, an aromatherapy & herbology kit ( to be purchased at the school), some books, and the usual business supplies for school. 

Assignments: average is 1-2 hours a day depending on assignments and week  plus 2 practices of therapy between between classes.

Advanced Initiate Program ( YEAR 1 & 2)

(Year 3 optional ~ a deeper level of intergration )

Energetics / Advanced Self Development

 Chakaura™ Advanced Personal Development

  1. l   Integration of Fundamental Chakaura™ Practices, natural laws of life such as law of Attraction, manifestation, Healing, etc.
  2. Chakaura™ Personal energy management, advanced techniques
  3. Chakaura™ reception and transmission of energy
  4. Chakaura™ Alchemy and personal transformation; Hermetic laws
  5. Introduction to Kundalini energy, its anatomy and its role in personal and spiritual transformation, health and higher awareness. The dangers of and safety standards in developing this energy.
  6. Development of intuition and subtle senses, as well as management of these dimensions.
  7. Study of symbolism, metamedicine in relation to the subte energies and your body
  8. Chakaura™ Spiritual studies for personal development:
  •  The Royal Way
  • Chakaura™ Techniques for advanced self-development
  1. Chakaura™Cosmic & Divine laws: theory, practices and techniques


Chakaura™ Energy therapies (phase 1)

    1. Chakaura™ Polarity therapies, brief and adapted therapies
    2. Specific Chakaura™ energy therapies and Chakaura™ energy transmissions.
    3. Chakaura™ protocols and techniques
    4. Approach to energetic therapy
    1. Helping skills and techniques
    2. Historical perspective of healing
    3. Introduction to the great traditional healing: Ayurveda, Polarity, Chinese medicine, Native American and others
    4. The 3 Pillars of health
    5. Anatomy and physiology of physical systems, energetic systems
    6. Chakaura™ Polarity: concepts and application
    7. Introduction to Chakaura™ Soul anatomy, characteristics and role in the human experience
    8. Inter-relationships between physical anatomy and the Chakaura™ energetic anatomy
    9. Introduction to the causes underlying diseases and injuries from and energy standpoint
    10. Health and the Elements: their interactions and dynamic balance in the body





Holistic modalities that Support Integral health &wellbeing

  1. Healing crisis: identifying its symptoms and how to manage it
  2. Chakaura™ Natural healing techniques and tools
  3. Proper nutrition, macrobiotics, EXERCISE
  5. Homeopathy, herbology, aromatherapy, accupressure, basic massage techniques, Gemstone therapy, earth whispering, etc.
  6. Initiate level practices
  7. Metamedicine and its role in health


 Chakaura™ Energy Therapies Phase 2 (by invitation)

Chakaura Structural Balancingtraining

  1. Chakaura™ Advanced initiate energetic studies
  2. Chakaura™ Advanced initiate techniques for personal development
  3. Chakaura™Advanced development of intuition and subtle senses

 Supervised clinical days



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