Pathway of Initiation, an Alchemical Process ~ Part 1


Picture above ~ Michèle in a mindfulness pose during one of the Chakaura™ techniques she teaches.



I have taught initiate programs now for many years. I see the need to de-mystify this experience because today the entire world is living through initiations into new conscious realities once accessible only to mystics and sages. This global experience gained momentum with the Industrial Age, its technology turning fiction into fact, transforming yesterday’s magic into today’s science.  The mysterious, mystical inner world, with all of its latent spiritual forces, is slowly surfacing and  becoming common knowledge. As humanity’s knowledge of ourselves and our universe expands, our consciousness inches ever closer to an unwavering ultimate science, a science beyond the linear laws of time and space.

The initiate quest, the seeking of Truth, is a journey of transitioning from man’s laws to pure consciousness some describe as Infinite Mind, beyond what we could ever imagine.  An initiate comes to know this Truth in its purest state.  Initiations are spiritual by nature, rites of passage synonymous with new beginnings, newness, mentored training, and transformation through the path of awakening the muse.



Spiritual initiations allow us to learn unfamiliar ways of “being” and “doing.” One must consciously decide to follow a course of action that provides the opportunity to grasp the ways of self-empowerment, self-sustainability, and the science of transformation, which lead to self-mastery.

What occurs during an initiation? A person going through an initiation is living through a spiritual alchemical process, affecting the physical, emotional, mental, and soul level of the self. Hormones are awakened, stimulated, and grounded by inner spiritual forces through technique taught by a properly trained teacher (by the way few and far between in our present culture), which some define as subtle energies. Through guided techniques, spiritual support, and energy initiations by a trained teacher, an initiate goes beyond the world of human existence into a realm of uncommon spirituality, generating a living alchemical process. This quest, in time, becomes a way of life.

What qualifies a person to be an initiate? An initiate recognizes that the inner world is full of forceful people and powerful places. Although both material physical forces and spiritual powers exist, the average person is familiar only with physical forces and runs these physical energies through his or her body. Yet an initiate consciously learns to master the spiritual forces that run the inner world, beginning with the emotional and mental bodies and leading up to the soul body. An initiate recognizes and takes an interest in seriously exploring the inner and outer worlds under the guidance of a teacher trained in the ways of the muse.

What occurs during the initiate process? An initiate is asked to leave behind old, heavy, outdated ideas about life that no longer serve the highest good and to embrace new, lighter ways of being. A spiritual initiation can at times bring surges of old fears and insecurities that we need to release. These can be varied and surreal, confusing and destructive, if not properly managed. The initiate becomes ever more aware of the inner world at work in the outer. The spiritual forces are awakened and demand direction and management.

“Man is not truly man unless he is a FREE man. So long as man is shackled by limitations, whether self-created or by man-made legislative enactments, or by the dominion of the power usurped by other men, he is not a free man; therefore, he is a slave to conditions, circumstances, and environments”.

Life has taken a huge evolutionary leap and cannot be stopped, for life is energy in motion and must constantly move and transmute to be strong and healthy. Certain spiritual forces or powers are presently being initiated into the world, which spiritual initiate trainings are based on.  We need to recognize, understand, and properly manage the spiritual forces manifesting in our world, along with their natural sources. Know that this is a process you are all experiencing NOW!  Recognize these times and shifts for what they are and make the most of this amazing opportunity to move forward, to become IN-powered. Yet the dangers of journeying this labyrinth without proper spiritual guidance are limitless.  I invite you to journey with these spiritual forces in a conscious way.

I run initiate programs through the Chakaura™ Institute, a school of holistic studies offering various initiate-training programs. If you feel the need to understand and master the areas of your life affected by these amazing evolutionary times, join us at Chakaura™ for an informational seminar.   Contact us for dates, times, and other “Awaken your Muse” activities with Michèle at or


Oshtalo, all,

May Love flow freely through you.

Michèle C. St.Amour  © Copyright 2017


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