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What one client shared about experiencing Michèle’s energetic support during a health crisis.

Chakaura Clinic – we have Chakaura Practitioners waiting to guide you!

Our director and founder and principal clinician, Michèle C. St.Amour has supported thousands of individuals and groups energetically throughout the last 25 years.

Many Chakaura patients have reported unexplained miraculous experiences and personal shifts in awareness they could never have imagines possible.

Chakaura Clinical

 Chakaura Consultation (45 to 60 minutes) with Michèle LIVE or On ZOOM, assessing your physical energetic and soulhealth needs with personalized recommendations

Chakaura Clinical Naturopathic ENERGY – PROGRAM 1

  • Basic health questionnaire: 30-minute consult to determine issues; Distance or in-person therapy based upon assessment of essential need and most pressing energy blockages; Follow Up 2 weeks later with a Chakaura Practitioner. General email Program support included leading up to follow-up.
  • Chakaura Clinical Naturopathic ENERGY – PROGRAM 2
  • Full assessment with consult – 40- 60 minutes; Therapy Master (distance or in-person) or
  • Chakaura Structural Balancing (in-person only for this Therapy); General Support email until your follow-up session 4-6 weeks following the therapy session.
  • Chakaura Structural balancing (in-person only for this Therapy
  • General Support via email  until your follow-up session (5 weeks approximately); Follow Up at 4-5 weeks following the therapy session. 

Specialty Program Longterm Care

Chakaura Clinical Naturopathic Critical Care Outpatient Recovery Program  

      Pre-requisite: Chakaura consultation

  • 4-week personalized support program; (we highly suggest committing to minimum 12 week+ in beginning for maximum results)
  • initial consultation with continuous assessment and adjustment according to your needs in all areas governing health; physical, psycho-energetic, spiritual/soul health.
  • weekly Online LIVE or In-person (when feasible) scheduled naturopathic care and support with a Chakaura Practitioner and Energy IN-Motion specialist.
  • if needed, it includes up to 2 energy therapies (determined by the Chakaura Practitioner; in-person or distance within the 4-week program;
  • weekly live online evaluation and adjustment sessions
  • Nutritional and lifestyle assessment with a Chakaura Nutritionist and fitness expert and charts monitored for optimized energy management
  • Holistic approach to health, adjusting to any allopathic emergency care needed.
  • A medical trained doctor as an advisory for allopathic treatments
  • Client commitment and family participation council if needed
  • Suggested readings if necessary
  • Daytime text support for your immediate general questions or needs (we do our best to respond within an acceptable time frame (a few hours) though some exceptions may occur
  • 1 emergency care call if needed (in-clinic or distance) for unexpected healing needs
  • Personalized homecare schedules, fitness routines adjusted as needed to optimize energy healing levels.

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