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and soul relates to your health & happiness

Health is About….

Nothing heals us or makes us happy and joyful except the innate Chakaura™ soul life force that flows through all life forms.

All interventions for health and happiness simply must support and help increase of life force that our body and our spirit tap into, to heal and to maintain our health. I believe that any intervention must solely concentrate on increasing this primal force.

       ~Michèle​​​, Chakaura™ Director & Founder



Chakaura™ Centre envisions a world where enjoying optimal health is primarily a person’s first goal in life knowing that this is the key to success and happiness.

It asserts that the highest ideal in health care must act in concert with the healing power of nature.

We believe that a balanced allopathic and homeopathic system of healing must be adopted for humanity to finally discover the missing link to perfected health and happiness: that missing link is the Chakaura™ organism…Interested to learn more??

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She is currently offering Zoom Consultations and Distant Therapies. 

Rekindle your health and INPOWER

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Chakaura™ Structural Balancing™ 

We are the only centre of Naturo Chakaura™ ENERGY Medicine of its kind, promoting a rational grounded approach to achieving optimal health.

Chakaura™ is grounded on an ancient paradigm that is now revolutionizing the future of medicine and health. Chakaura™ offers you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and integrate this research-backed science into your daily life.

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 We will be happy to guide and support you.


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