Chakaura™ Clinic

Rekindle your soul connection with a Chakaura™ Structural Balancing™ session

Chakaura™ Institute of Soul brings back the Soul in Health.

It is the only centre of Naturopathic Chakaura™ ENERGY Medicine of its kind,

promoting a rational grounded approach to achieving optimal health.


Chakaura™ Centre envisions a world where enjoying optimal health is primarily a person’s first goal in life knowing that this is the key to success and happiness.

It asserts that the highest ideal in health care must act in concert with the healing power of nature.

We believe that a balanced allopathic and homeopathic system of healing must be adopted for humanity to finally discover the missing link to perfected health and happiness: that missing link is the Chakaura™ organism…Interested to learn more?? Contact us…we will be happy to guide and support you.


Our goal is to offer Chakaura™ clinical Centers of Excellence around the world that demonstrate the effectiveness of Chakaura™ Naturopathic Medicine as the missing link that we have been searching for in health and reach their highest potential for inspired creativity.

 We teach an understanding that safe, effective natural methods of achieving optimal health will improve health care in general and we promote healthy lifestyles..and that these can work perfectly in conjunction with our present allopathic medical system.

We  demonstrate how using natural treatments in conjunction with allopathic medicine will support an individual’s innate vital force for healing that allows each of us to reach our goals in life and fulfill our soul purpose.

Interested to learn more?

Contact us…we will be happy to guide and support you.


Health is About….

Nothing heals us or makes us happy and joyful except the innate Chakaura™ soul life force that flows through all life forms.

All interventions for health and happiness simply must support and help increase this Chakaura™soul force that our body and our spirit tap into, to heal and to maintain our health. I believe that any intervention must solely concentrate on increasing this primal force, which is generated & circulated from our “Chakaura Structure.”


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