Chakaura™ Consultation – Naturopathic Energy Health Clinic 

Chakaura™ Institute of Soul brings back the Soul in Health

At Chakaura, we offer consultations & Chakaura Energy therapies 

 Natural alternative support for all your health needs; body, mind & Soul.

 UNIQUE TO Chakaura™!

Chakaura™ is a unique Health Centre where we do not see YOU as a separate being but as ONE body, One mind and One soul..

  • We envision a world where enjoying optimal health is primarily a person’s first goal in life knowing that this is the key to success and happiness.
  • We assert that the highest ideal in health care must act in concert with the healing power of nature.
  • We believe that a balanced allopathic and homeopathic system of healing must be adopted for humanity to finally discover the missing link to perfected health and happiness: that missing link is the Chakaura™ organism.

Through a Chakaura™ consultation, Chakaura™ therapies, personalized nutritional programs, relaxation &  exercises, our Chakaura™ Practitioner targets your specific needs, energy blockages that keep you from feeling vibrant & happy. These energy blocks begin to dissolve, moving you towards a happier you. Once your energy flows, your body heals itself more easily. These blocks are often the source of our discomforts; many calls these ‘stress points”!

In the end, its all about energy!  At Chakaura™, we are the experts in Naturopathic medicine and Energy combined practice within the Chakaura™ principals of energy protocols & safety standards. These support, optimizes and enhances all other natural and conventional healing methods. Our ultimate goal is to restore the healthy flow of vital energy throughout the entire body since this is what in the end heals us.

 Energy pathways convey vitality and nutrients to the organs and body systems for proper functioning; ill health can be described as first & foremost a deficiency in vital energy flow which of course then weakens the cells inviting disease and sickness.


Some health issues we support :

We help a person manage the side effects of pharmaceuticals as well as make suggestions for healthy lifestyle changes needed for integral health.

 Being treated? Do you wish support for allopathic therapies such as the debilitating side effects associated with traditional chemical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation?

 Diabetes/ Obesity/ Anorexia: Are you diabetic or do you wish help with obesity issues? Do you suffer from eating disorders?

 DEPRESSION/ STRESS/ ANXIETY: Do you suffer from depression, menopausal symptoms, ADHD, bipolar, stress, anxiety, panic attacks? We can help you better manage.

Want to nourish your body with healthy alternatives besides drugs? Do you wish an alternative to the common pharmaceutical treatments? You’re at the right place!

ACHES & PAINS/ arthritis/ Gout/ eczema/ Psoriasis Do you suffer from aches & pains, skin ailments, inflammatory issues that conventional medicine cannot find the reason for or is limited in supporting you in? 

Healthy nutrition, lifestyle, breaking bad habits, negative thinking and more…

Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL  Clinic 

We are the SOULHealth Experts. 

The only one of its kind in the world!

Bridge the gap of how the mind

and soul relates to your health & happiness and,

How all this is grounded on a healthy Body.

Health is About….

Nothing heals us or makes us happy and joyful except the innate Chakaura™ soul life force that flows through all life forms.

All interventions for health and happiness simply must support and help increase of life force that our body and our spirit tap into, to heal and to maintain our health. I believe that any intervention must solely concentrate on increasing this primal force.

       ~Michèle​​​, Chakaura™ Director & Founder


Some therapies & services we offer at the Chakaura™ clinic:

  • Chakaura™ Structural- Balancing
  • Chakaura™ Initiative Energy Therapies
  • Polarity Therapy ~ Keep the important elements of your body balanced for Perfect Health.
  • Reflexology Therapy
  • Aromatherapy Massage (see list below)
  • Lymphatic therapy (to eliminate those unecesary toxins)
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle

Others services:

    • Daily Mineral & vitamin Supplementation Specialists & Micronutrient Support
    • Homeopathic Support
    • Chakaura Health (aura/chakra assessment)
    •  Soul Health, Lifepath Guidance- Consultation

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