Your Journey with Chakaura™ Begins with STEP 1…

Discover Your Chakaura POWER ONLINE Guided 8-Week Program

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APRIL 4, 2024


11h30am EST time for 30-45 minutes


A Daily Practice Creating a Space To…

Chakaura™ Power Discover Program Description 

  • sa 10 minute morning and evening daily self oriented practice 

  •  8-week program  initiating you, step by step to Chakaura™ Earthing

  • educational videos to support a progressive mindset that supports self awareness

  • This program also offers as support General Email Support & Digital Daily Questionnaire for monitoring self-progress, asking you to be self-accountable to help you establish a daily high vibes practice that you may maintain after the program. 

This Chakaura™ Daily Exercises you will learn and practice daily begins the process of creating a space to embrace your highest Power, Your Chakaura™ Energy; that which fuels all the good things of life.  

Chakaura™ Energy grounds:

Abundance, health, creativity, success, happiness, joy, fulfillment, harmony, fuels courage, freedom and so much more.

Your Chakaura™ Energy, the greatest Power any being on earth can tap into!

WE offer group training, corporate team energy management trainings, team leader energy management programs and more.

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